Here are useful sources of information on the internet giving readers access to further valuable information on parenting issues. You can also make suggestions of good sites yourself which you feel will be of help to other parents. Just post the details on the discussion room bulletin board.

Top websites Excellent comprehensive site with lots of articles on a wide range of health and psychological issues Useful information on health, development, behaviour and psychological matters in the 12 year and under age range. Wide range of articles on many issues with star ratings for depth and quality. Excellent UK site - all age groups and includes physical health issues. Lots of information on all aspect of childcare including interesting articles on a wide range of topics and specific child problems Good general site for all age ranges with an emphasis on positive parenting methods. Useful range of articles and information on further reading. All age groups. Helpful suggestions to foster family life and child development in the 12 year and under range

Other Links

Trust for the Study of Adolescence Information for the parents of young people and for professionals working with both the young people and their families.
Parentline Plus Support for parents both on the site and on a 24 hour helpline number 0808 800 2222
National Family and Parenting Institute The National Family and Parenting Institute (NFPI) is an independent charity working to support parents in bringing up their children, to promote the wellbeing of families and to make society more family friendly.
Young Minds Help and information for parents who are concerned about their child's mental health
Fathers Direct A national information centre on fatherhood which aims to promote positive relationships between men and their children.
Families need Fathers Information and guidance on rights and entitlements for fathers.
Gingerbread Advice, information and local self help groups for lone parents. Website and also phone contact 0800 018 4318

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