Dealing with difficult behavior in children and teenagers can be part of the everyday challenge of parenting. While temper tantrums, defiant behaviour and emotional difficulties can all form part of a child's normal development, if such problems persist, they can damage family life and threaten the appropriate development of young people.

Successful Parenting - The Four Step Approach is a friendly and informative guide of 185 pages packed with practical advice and strategies to help you tackle these and many...[Read More]


Parents are constantly bombarded with advice on television, in magazines and books on how they should deal with problems in children and teenagers. This advice is often about using various techniques such as rewards, punishment or improving communications. The trouble is, that however sensible the advice, all children are not the same and neither, for that matter, are all parents. This 'one size fits all' approach is not effective because, it ignores the importance, for example, of a child's personality, social factors, parenting style, parental attitudes and parental values... [Read More]

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